6 Simple Tips for Increasing Customer Engagement

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of ignoring their customers. They believe that if sales are good and they offer a quality product or service that their customers will continue to make purchases. This isn’t always the case.

If you want to boost sales and build trust with your customers, you need to focus on CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT.

Do you listen to what your customers are saying? Do you regularly respond to their comments? If you said no to either question, it’s time to improve the way you interact with your customers.

Here are 6 simple tips that you can use for increasing customer engagement.


Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

The first tip is to start paying attention to customer feedback. Across all platforms, you should be monitoring what people are saying about your products or services. This includes comments on your blog posts and on social media.

Keep track of what your customers are saying. Make a list of the most common comments. You can use this info to develop products or services that meet the needs of your customers.

Ask Questions on Social Media

Before sending out a new post on Facebook or a new tweet on Twitter, consider phrasing your post in the form of a comment. If you’re discussing a new product, service, or feature, you should turn the conversation around on your customers. Ask for their input.

Respond to Comments on Your Blog Posts

You should always respond to comments on your blog posts. This encourages customers to continue to come back.

If they leave a comment and never get a response, they’re unlikely to come back to your site. It makes it appear that you don’t regularly check or update your site.

Try to respond to comments within 24 hours. If possible, earlier is better. If you can respond to the comment within one or two hours, your customers will greatly appreciate your effort.

Learn How to Deal with Negative Comments

As you start responding to comments, you may occasionally come across a negative comment. You should always take a breath before responding to negative comments. You should be careful when dealing with angry or upset customers.

You should first send them a direct message. You don’t want your entire conversation to be public. From there, apologize for the inconvenience. You shouldn’t try to defend yourself. Remain calm and try your best to come up with a solution that pleases the customer.

Send Follow Up Emails After Each Purchase

Instead of sending a standard confirmation email after a customer completes a purchase, you should create a template for a more informal confirmation email.

Ask your customers if they’re happy with their purchase, mention any features that you want them to pay close attention to, and provide a few tips for making better use of your product or service.

This simple change in your confirmation emails can go a long way towards improving customer engagement. They’ll feel that you actually care about their opinions.

Be More Personable with Your Emails and Messages

Whether you’re responding to a comment or sending out a mass email, you should keep your correspondence personable. Write your content as if you’re speaking to a friend. If possible, begin your emails or responses by mentioning the customer’s name.

All of these steps are easy to implement into your existing marketing strategy. Simply change the way you respond to your customers. Ask more questions, be personable, and be prompt with your responses.

Put these tips into practice starting today. Along with these easy to follow suggestions, you’ll also benefit from conversion-ready internet marketing prospects and make more money now.

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