Are your dreams on sale…..

Many of us tend to put off the hard and important things because our brains are actually programmed to procrastinate. They love to process concrete rather the abstract things.  And guess what, the immediate things we need to deal with are tangible compared to the unknown or future benefits.

As humans, we also tend to value immediate rewards or instant gratification rather than the long-term benefits of doing something.  We naturally procrastinate and seek that good feeling of getting something done, like reading email or chatting on messenger, rather than working on something that will improve our lives or help us be successful in our business.  So, we all have the best of intentions, but our brains are working against us.

So what can we do to overcome all this that is working against us?

  • Have a vision of your future, i.e., imagine what it would look like when you meet your future goals. Make the outcome of your future goals become your present outcome.
  • Commit to taking action publically with your peers, with your partners, or an accountability group. It matters greatly whether we are respected by people we know or even by strangers.
  • Consider the pros and cons of not doing anything. Think about the outcome of putting an important task off and the outcome of doing that important task now. Just using this process will kick you into action.
  • Work on the baby steps to getting a larger more important task completed. When you get that small task completed you feel more motivated to get the next task completed working toward the larger goal.
  • Mix a small reward with a task you would usually put off. Build that sales funnel in your favorite coffee shop and trick your brain’s perception of having to do “a not so much fun task”.
  • You can remove what is stopping you from taking action by asking yourself WHY and bring the issue out in the open so you can deal with it.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by those larger, more important tasks. Try helping your brain out a little by using at least one of the above techniques.  You’ll be glad you took action.

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Most of the above information was paraphrased from James Clear’s Blog on Procrastination.

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